Welcome to TBA! • on October 24th, 2010

Welcome to TBA!


TBA´s journey is a story of two churches trying to live out Jesus´ prayer for unity (John 17). In January of 2008, the pastors at Church of the Highlands and Epic Church met for the first time. Although they were affiliated with different denominations, there was an instant connection. Our vision and hope for our churches was very similar — each wanted our church to be more than just a place for people to come and worship on Sunday mornings. We wanted to bless our surrounding community by building bridges between each other and God. Our desire has always been to use our resources to minister within the community – helping people, whether they go to church or not, meet each others needs. Soon after the initial meeting, all five pastors from both churches began developing a relationship with each other. It wasn´t long before Epic´s pastors shared about undergoing a large scale renovation project.  they were looking for different places to worship during the renovation and wondered if they could worship with Church of the Highlands at one of their weekend services. This combined service was such an incredible experience that Epic and Church of the Highlands worshiped together again about 5 weeks later.  Each time was absolutely amazing and after each service many in the congregation were talking about how our churches were coming together in unity to create something very special in South Lakeland. That got us thinking… “What if…”

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